Essential oils gently fill the air of our private space. Each service begins with a deep cleansing breath in, and a rosewater mist over the guest's face on the exhale. Rosewater helps to support the natural pH of the skin, sooth irritation, and promote hydration. An ancient Chinese belief is that it can clear spaces of negative energy. Rosewater has been regarded for its medicinal and purifying properties in the ancient Near East, and is still used today. This is Green Grotto's way of paying homage to an old tradition, while encouraging guests to unwind and unplug from the pressures of the day.

Aromatherapy scalp massages are given before haircut and styling services. Hand massages take the place of scalp massages during color services. A thorough analysis of the hair and scalp is given at the beginning of the service, and Erica uses products that help restore balance.

Spa Upgrade Menu

The services on this menu are add-on services only.

For Hair



Semi-permanent treatment to infuse shine, manage frizz, and enhance your color.



Ideal for clients with well water, or signs of mineral build-up. We use natural ingredients to chelate iron, copper, and manganese from the hair to prep for a color service, or deep conditioning treatment. In extreme cases of mineral buildup, this may be mandatory for color services.



Add protein and amino acids to restructure damaged hair, and restore elasticity to recover soft and manageable hair.

demineralize + proteinize


For hair that has been through the ringer and needs extra love.

signature scalp treatment


Thorough brushing of the scalp to stimulate blood circulation, followed with a custom blended essential oil treatment for the scalp. Hand massage and scalp massage complete the service.

For hands + feet

moroccan clay mask


Potent combination of minerals & compounds strengthen the skin’s elasticity, while improving complexion. Natural negative charge, acts like a magnet to draw out toxins. Combined with essential oils to amplify results. Better for moisturizing and softening.

bentonite clay mask


Highly absorbent and also packed with minerals that are beneficial for our overall health, this is a better choice for individuals with oily skin and other skin complications. This is also combined with essential oils to assist in detoxifying the skin.

For the face

gemstone roller massage


Incorporating acupressure and massage principles, rolling stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves circulation, and increases the oxygen supply to the face for more youthful appearance. The cooling effect of the gemstone closes the pores, reduces puffiness, and sooths the skin. Also aids in releasing blocked sinus congestion and pain. This motion, combined with a customized essential oil blend, can help tone the muscles of your face and positively affect your central nervous system. Your choice between:

  • Carnelian: a stone of courage, vitality, and endurance. Throughout history, it has been attributed protective powers from Ancient Egypt, to modern Islamic practice. Carnelian is also believed to help with blood circulation, diabetes, and encouraging your inner child to come out. Carnelian most commonly honors the Egyptian goddess Isis, but the tradition may predate to Ancient Sumer with Inanna/Ishtar.
  • Jade: carries the energy of the Earth and nature, providing a wholesome, nurturing energy that uplifts and soothes the heart. Though associated with many ancient cultures, Jade is highly valued in China for its beauty and healing powers. Associated with the goddess of mercy, love, and compassion, Kwan Yin.
  • Rose Quartz: a stone for beauty. Releases repressed emotions and promotes self-love, as well as all forms of love. Helps support all the chakras, energy centers, in the body. Associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, and God Adonis.

New Clients & Loyalty Program

All new clients can select 1 spa upgrade to try during their first visit. Clients that book every 4-8 weeks are eligible to pick one service from the spa upgrade menu during their 6th visit.

A $1.00 Environmental Stewardship Fee is applied to the total visit bill at checkout. Prices are calculated by materials used, duration of service, and complexity. We do not have age or gender based prices, and are in accordance with MA law.