We're Leading the Way in Sustainability

We're Leading the Way in Sustainability

Learn why Dartmouth, MA clients choose our eco-conscious beauty salon

Conventional beauty salons produce a lot of waste. Chemicals and materials like foil, plastic and paper not only clog landfills, they can also pollute our streams and oceans. By using eco-friendly beauty products and repurposing or recycling used materials, Green Grotto Beauty is doing our part to eliminate salon waste.

If you're looking for a sustainable salon in the Dartmouth, MA area, you'll feel good about choosing Green Grotto Beauty. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Why do I have to pay an ESF?

Environmental Stewardship fee is a tool to transparently finance sustainable programs and updates to our salon. Your contribution largely supports our recycling and collection program with Green Circle Salons to help us eliminates up to 95% of salon waste.

The remaining portion enables us to improve our salon environment by funding water-saving sink fixtures, more plants for better air quality, and other changes that we have not already implemented as they become available. It is our hope that our clients support the ESF as a necessary part of reducing our impact on the environment in a way that is affordable. We also encourage clients to ask questions about where their contribution is spent. A $1.00 ESF is added to the total visit bill at checkout.

What is the Green Circle Salons program?

Green Circle Salons are dedicated to combating the wasteful practices that are rampant in the beauty industry. This program teaches salons across North America how to recycle hair, color tubes and foils, and to be mindful of wasteful practices at their studios. Green Grotto Beauty is proud to be the first certified beauty salon in the South Coast and Cape Cod region of Massachusetts.

When you visit our sustainable salon, you'll find that we're serious about our commitment to the environment. We're also committed to your well-being. We invest in beauty products that are:

Safe. Harsh chemicals can harm your hair and skin, so we prefer products that use natural alternatives.
Ethical. The products we use in our beauty salon have never been tested on animals.
Organic. We use essential oils instead of artificial fragrances.

See what a difference eco-conscious products and practices make. To schedule an appointment at a sustainable salon in the Dartmouth, MA area, call Green Grotto Beauty at 774-392-1726 today.


Hair clippings - turned into mats to clean up oil spills, and pet beds for natural disaster relief. When hair accumulates in a landfill to rot, it creates methane gas which is one of the most potent greenhouse gases. Hair can absorb 12X its own weight in oil, which makes it a better fit for hair booms.

Hair color by-product - chemicals are separated from water to be used for clean energy fuel. An incineration process creates clean water, and enables us to put the leftover chemicals to good use, instead of polluting our waterways.

Metals - are turned into other consumer goods like bicycle frames. Aluminum is commonly recycled, but once it has been exposed to hair color chemicals we need a specific recycling facility to process the material.

Waste to energy - includes items like nail files, cotton, caps, gloves, etc. that are single use items. These are incinerated in a protected facility to create clean energy. This more effective at eliminating waste than biodegradable industry alternatives at this time.

Miscellaneous - hair dryers, mannequins, and other electronics are ethically recycled.

Plastics & papers recycled locally.