Erica Clavin-Horvath became a licensed cosmetologist in 2010. Her passion for safer alternatives to traditional salon products developed while she was training, where health issues made her dive deeper into the history of product chemistry. Her vision of a holistic hair care experience is the driving force of Green Grotto Beauty. She believes that every product used during your service should contain ingredients that nourish your hair and skin.

The salon industry is evolving as we celebrate unique qualities and value self care, over toxic mindsets and ingredients. It is Erica's mission to craft you a customized plan; whether it's finding you a low-maintenance hair color, fixing scalp imbalances, or styling your hair so that you feel confident to take on every opportunity.

She has been inspired by other cultures, since she was a child. Their clothing, make-up, hairstyles, and plant medicine inspire her work to develop services that combine ancient practices with modern concepts of beauty. She aims to educate her clients about other cultures, while supporting companies that give back to indigenous populations. She continuously strives to support a culturally diverse salon environment.

Erica is dedicated to leading by example as she continues her education in the cosmetology industry. She stays up to date with current color and cutting techniques, while networking with other holistic salons. She recently became a Thriver's Society Member, which is the top business coaching program for stylists in the USA, to ensure that she is providing cutting edge service to her community.

Visual Snow Awareness

Erica was diagnosed with Visual Snow Syndrome in 2017 after years of tests. Visual Snow Syndrome is a rare neurological condition that impacts an individual's vision, hearing, and cognitive functioning 24/7. Normal life becomes more difficult, as a person with this condition processes images abnormally. This has been a difficult road in Erica's journey, but she finds solace in providing a relaxing salon atmosphere for her guests. Her private suite is a refuge from the noise and distractions of busier salon setups.


She worked with her advisors to select courses in business management, cultural studies, and geography to broaden her understanding of our human relationships with our environment. From marketing trends, to land use, and cultural variation, Erica received a solid foundation of research skills to make informed consumer decisions and help reform our wasteful society. She can now identify areas of "green washing" and use scientific evidence to analyze solutions to a variety of issues we face today.

Some influential courses include:
Biological Anthropology, Evolutionary Nutrition, Environmental Geography, Principles of Management, Culture and Consciousness, Lives of Women, Ancient Philosophy, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Law and The Judicial Process, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Geology, Research Methods in Anthropology, Anthropological Theory + more.

With her minor in Middle East Studies, she focused on the Arabic language as well as cultural and socio-political experiences of various ethnic groups of the Middle East. Survey of Islamic Art & Architecture, Monuments as Cultural Symbols of Power, Digging up the Past in the Ancient Near East, Goddesses in Lore & Life, and Peoples & Cultures of the Middle East are the courses that strengthened her relationship with henna body adornment & beyond.

Green with Envy is more than just an idiom, it is my philosophy.

Most consider the phrase to be a metaphor for jealousy, but I view the phrase in a completely different light. Green is a term used loosely as environmental responsibility becomes a social focus. Compassion, integrity, and generosity are traits better associated with the term green, as the color green found in nature represents all that has been well taken care of by the elements. Envy is a word describing the desire to have a quality, or attribute, belonging to someone else. I think we should all strive to live compassionately, and hold each other accountable. Together the words green and envy signify my personal driving force; my passion and concern for the well-being of our Earth. Show yourself and the world around you some respect--Live Green with Envy.

Green Grotto Beauty is proud to be the first certified sustainable salon in the South Coast & Cape Cod region of Massachusetts. Green Circle Salons is a comprehensive repurposing/recycling program that is custom designed for the industry. Because GCS researches the specific environmental impact of the beauty industry, they have created appropriate solutions to help us divert up to 95% of salon waste from landfills.

Hair, color tubes, foils, plastics, papers, and chemicals are diverted from our waste and water streams to be repurposed, instead of contributing to environmental harm.