Erica Jayne Clavin

Erica Jayne Clavin

holistic cosmetologist + henna artist

​I have been a professional in the beauty industry since 2010. My passion for safer alternatives to traditional cosmetics developed while I was studying cosmetology at Upper Cape Tech in Bourne, MA. I suffered from various skin rashes and migraines which were directly related to the products we used. As we studied product chemistry, the reality of our conventional products became clear to me. I thought that products were made from ingredients that are natural and beneficial to us. Boy, was I wrong. I pride myself on my ability to offer my clients products from companies that put their money where their mouth is. That is, companies that actually care for the environment and their consumers.

I have been fascinated by other cultures, particularly ancient civilizations, since I was a child. Their clothing, make-up, hairstyles, and plant medicine inspired me to develop services that combine ancient practices with modern concepts of beauty. I aim to educate my clients about other cultures, while supporting companies that give back to indigenous populations.

My passion for scientific research led me to environmentalism. I am an advocate for evidence-based research and policy, which drives my business decisions and personal choices. I aim to lead by example as a values-based business, and get involved by writing and calling into government representatives about important issues in my spare time.

I love all aspects of cosmetology, but I am better known for my corrective color skills, hair extensions, and henna designs.

Visual Snow Awareness

Erica was diagnosed with Visual Snow Syndrome in 2017 after years of tests. Visual Snow Syndrome is a rare neurological condition that impacts an individual’s vision, hearing, and cognitive functioning 24/7. Normal life becomes more difficult, as a person with this condition processes images abnormally.

Visual symptoms:

  • Snow-like dots all over the field of vision
  • Small floating objects or flashes of light
  • Continuing to see an image after it is no longer in the field of vision (Palinopsia)
  • Seeing images within the eye itself (Entopic Phenomena)
  • Other visual effects such as starbursts, halos, and double vision (Diplopia)
  • Non-visual Symptoms
  • Ringing, humming, or bussing sounds (Tinnitus)
  • Feeling detached from yourself (Depersonalization)
  • Symptoms of anxiety and or depression

The cause of Visual Snow Syndrome is unknown, and diagnosis is difficult. No evidence-based treatment or current cure is yet available which is why Erica openly shares this information from The Visual Snow Initiative, with others. The initiative is a collaborative effort to raise money for research.

Since learning about the condition, Erica’s interests in meditation, clean living, and mindfulness have been validated, as many sufferers of this condition manage their symptoms through yoga, meditation, and clean eating. She aims to encourage a relaxing environment for her guests, and appreciates the time her guests devote to their self-care. Appointments are usually not double-booked, so that she can devote her full attention to your needs.

​A Thirst for More Knowledge

2018 Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology from BSU

I hand selected courses that would give me a well rounded understanding of how we interact with our environment, and what it means to be "green."

​Additional courses in business management, cultural studies, and geography broadened my understanding of the power dynamics at play as the product market becomes global. The biological anthropology courses offered at BSU provided me with a solid foundation to identify areas of "green washing" and use scientific evidence to analyze solutions to a variety of issues we face today.

Some influential courses include:

Biological Anthropology, Evolutionary Nutrition, Environmental Geography, Principles of Management, Culture and Consciousness, Lives of Women, Ancient Philosophy, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Law and The Judicial Process, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Geology, Research Methods in Anthropology,

Anthropological Theory + more.

With my minor in Middle East Studies, I focused on the Arabic language as well as cultural and socio-political experiences of various ethnic groups of the Middle East. Survey of Islamic Art & Architecture, Monuments as Cultural Symbols of Power, Digging up the Past in the Ancient Near East, Goddesses in Lore & Life, and Peoples & Cultures of the Middle East are the courses that strengthened my relationship with henna body adornment & beyond. ​

Green with Envy is more than just an idiom, it is my philosophy. Most consider the phrase to be a metaphor for jealousy, but I view the phrase in a completely different light. Green is a term used loosely as environmental responsibility hits mainstream consciousness. Compassion, integrity, and generosity are traits better associated with the term green, as the color green found in nature represents all that has been well taken care of by the elements. Envy is a word charged with power and passion. Together the words green and envy signify my personal driving force; my passion and concern for the well-being of our Earth. Show yourself and the world around you some respect--Live Green with Envy.

A grotto is a picturesque cave either naturally or artificially made, and often associated with human spiritual use. The private location in the lower level of Plaza 100 Salon earns the tittle of grotto as it is secluded, but filled with character creating a relaxing and meditative ambiance.

My favorite definition of oasis comes from, "something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc." It is my mission to provide a unique experience for my guests. Release tension, energize, and create a new you in a private environment where you chose the music and conversation.